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Performance Auto Finishes LLC
Performance is not just being fast, its looking good while standing still too!

Our philosophy is that your vehicle, boat, RV, or motorcycle is one of the most expensive purchases you will make. Why not care for it with regular maintenance and upkeep? With regular upkeep, your vehicle will stay looking great and last longer resulting in less money spent and a better value if you decide to sell it!

Hi, I’m Nick, owner of Performance Auto Finishes, were we strive to help you do just that. We research the products we sell to ensure they work and do as they state. In our store you will find a wide variety of products, each to suit the needs of different levels of customers, from the daily use for detail shops and auto body shops to the avid auto enthusiast and collector. Our mission is to provide a variety of products that are easy to use, high quality, long lasting, and help make cleaning your vehicle enjoyable, giving you that extra time to enjoy your weekends.

We started this venture in June of 2012 and are continuing to grow. I am just a regular car guy who has always enjoyed keeping his vehicles looking their best. So after years of detailing friends and families vehicles for fun and a little extra cash I decided to open Performance Auto Finishes to help and meet others with the same passion as mine. Our goal is a complete car care line of products for everyone so we have currently decided to offer Ultima, Sonus, Four Star, Four Star Ultimate, Cycle Armor, and Gel Coat Labs detailing supplies just to name a few.

We look forward to building upon what we have started and getting to know our customers, the products you enjoy using on your cars and the passions you have in the automobile world. Send us a note of what you think of the products you ordered and the results you achieved at [email protected]. Let us know of your shopping experience and let us know of any exciting products you use that we may not offer and perhaps we can start carrying them as well.

Happy Detailing!

Nick Garner
Owner, Performance Auto Finishes